Fine effort from young performers in Webster Theatre

The Class of '99 the Fiona Forbes dance group show that was on the the Webster Theatre last Saturday as their last rehersal on Friday evening.
The Class of '99 the Fiona Forbes dance group show that was on the the Webster Theatre last Saturday as their last rehersal on Friday evening.

A CARNOUSTIE based performing arts summer school wowed audiences last week with a special production.

Angus Centre for Performing Arts’ ‘Show in a week’ saw the light of day at the Webster Memorial Theatre last Saturday.

As the name suggests, the world premiere of ‘Class of ‘99’, written and directed by Carnoustie student Caroline Dey was performed by the summer school students after only a week of preparation.

The story centres on the hopes and dreams of students at the fictional Carminnie School for Performing Arts, where hard work, dedication, high-energy dance routines and ‘90s anthems can help you achieve your dreams.

Brendan Kelly and Molly Duncan had the audience rooting for them right from the start as an unlikely love blossomed between their characters, Bruce and Grace.

After a truly beautiful performance of ‘Iris’ the audience was delighted to see them get their happy ending.

Other notable performances came from Lewis Munro as Tony whose solo ‘Angels’ was one of the highlights of the show, Kirsty Fenwick as Abby who had the audience moved to tears as she made the choice to leave Carminnie and Rebecca Cook who commanded the stage as the super confident Justine.

Other principal characters were Erinn Gray as Sophie, Sarah Hunter as Cheryl, Michael Gregory-Murphy as Greg, Euan Gregory Murphy as Sean, James Dobbie as Mr Miles and Rebecca Howlett as Miss Munro.

All of them handled their roles with great sincerity, sensitivity and professionalism which we rarely see of such a young cast.

Special mention must also go to the hilarious ‘Spice Girls’ – Heather Berg, Suszi Fenton, Rachel Forbes, Kim Ramsay and in particular the pint-sized Baby Spice, Zoe Lindsay.

With a cast of 25 girls the five boys definitely had their work cut out, but they handled it with great humour and their performances of ‘Mambo Number 5’ and ‘Canned Heat’ were real high points of the show.

As with every production, the efforts of the backstage crew are paramount. Stage manager Lesley Ritchie was assisted by Doug Pullar, Dale Barraclough, Andrew-John Gatt, Lynn Pullar and Alan Stulka.

Meanwhile, technical supervisor Ali Ogilvie had help from Ross White, Robert Ritchie and Beth Forbes. Gwen Mellon was wardrobe mistress and Chris Tomlinson designed the logo.

Admittedly ‘Class of ’99’ might have benefitted from a few more rehearsals, but this does not take away from the impressive fact that an enjoyable show was put together in so little time.

It also misses the point that the theme of ‘Class of ‘99’ itself was about giving young people the chance of seeing what they can achieve under pressure. In that light, this production can be judged a major success.