Paul is hoping for number one spot

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A CARNOUSTIE man of many voices has now added singing to his repertoire.

Paul Reid (30), a member of Dundee United FC’s commercial department and an increasingly well-known football impersonator, has released a duet in time for UEFA 2012.

On Saturday morning Paul appeared on Sky Sport’s Soccer AM with partner in crime, fellow impressionist Darren Farley, to show off their skills and plug the new song.

Soccer AM was able to give the nation an exclusive look at ‘Seventh Best Team in the World’, their tribute to the England squad.

Asked if he had taken any hits for recording an England song Paul said: “I’ve had a bit of banter, but it’s all been in good fun.”

He explained that the song light-heartedly poked fun at England and their past catastrophes. He said: “We’re basically putting the pin in and bursting their bubble.”

Recalling their disastrous 2006 World Cup exit against Argentina the song said: “We’re the seventh best team in the world, the fifth best team in Europe, just don’t give us penalties.”

The pair are not afraid to poke fun at themselves, Paul, impersonating Jose Mourinho said: “If I had been manager of England, then this song would have been special. At the moment, it is not special.”

As well as Mourinho, Paul also impersonates Steven Gerrard, Fabio Capello, Alan Hansen and Andy Carroll.

Paul said: “My two favourites to do would be Alan Hansen and Jose Mourinho. I did Mourinho on the Soccer AM on Saturday and I thought it looked good.

“The guys from Soccer AM are really good. They gave us free rein to do what we wanted throughout the show.”

Paul is understandably looking forward to seeing what the public make of his first foray into the charts. He said: “I get on really well with Darren and we work really well together as a duo. I’m really excited. I just hope this song takes off.

“The song hopefully gives people down south a chance to get to know us as a duo. I’m just taking it as it comes and hope people are able to enjoy it and that it does well.”

The video will be available on YouTube from tomorrow (Saturday) and on iTunes from Monday.