Put pen to paper for a chance to win £1,000

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Let your creativity flow and be in for the chance to snap up £1,000 for penning a poem about your home town. Wax lyrical about Letham, be creative about Carnoustie or big up Broughty Ferry and United Press might pick you as the winner in their search for a budding poet in the ‘Local Poem’ competition. Entry is free and all you have to do is send a poem to info@unitedpress.co.uk or post to United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB.

The best poem will win £1,000 cash and you can send up to three entries, which must be no more than 25 lines (each blank line counts as one line) and 160 words each. “The contest is designed to encourage ordinary people to write poetry – to both express themselves and be more creative,” said a United Press spokesperson.