‘Calendar Girls’ raise £3,000

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It was a case of life imitating art at the weekend as Carnoustie’s very own ‘Calendar Girls’ donated £3,000 to the fight against leukaemia.

On Sunday afternoon cast members of Carnoustie Theatre Club’s (CTC) hit production of ‘Calendar Girls’ met at the sunflower mural on High Street to hand over the £3,000 cheque to representatives of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

The money represents the proceeds of the special charity production on Saturday, June 8, in the Carnoustie High School theatre, which came about after the initial run of seven shows in the Dibble Tree Theatre sold out almost immediately.

Producer David Cheape was delighted by the result. He said: “I think we always saw the show as being very special anyway. We’ve got a terrific bunch of people in CTC, a range of actors and actresses who could really carry this off and do a good job.

“At the outset there was this thought, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if we could give something back?’

“Everybody I spoke to was quite touched by it and they kept relating it back to family and friends who had been affected and it touched a chord with them.”

He continued: “I think realistically we didn’t expect to get anything like the £3,000. We were chuffed to bits that we got just off that and the CTC has topped it off to get that round figure but it’s all been there from the local support.”

According to David taking a play to a big stage like the High School theatre is a rare occurrence. He explained: “Acting is a dying art, that’s why it works in a small theatre like the Dibble, but if you put on any old play in the Carnoustie High School theatre it’ll only likely fill a few rows.

“It was a great thrill for us to take a show to the theatre and fill it, do something for charity and to give everyone at CTC a buzz. It rounded off the experience for us and it closed the book on three months of hard work.”

David also wished to extend his thanks to C.J. Lang & Son Ltd., who covered the hire of the theatre.