Cinderella makes it to the Abbey!

Abbey Theatre's 2013 pantomime is Cinderella with the cast pictured here on Thursday evening.
Abbey Theatre's 2013 pantomime is Cinderella with the cast pictured here on Thursday evening.

The litmus test for any panto is how loudly the little ones scream, and judging by the decibels at the Abbey their production was a success!

The classic tale of ‘Cinderella’ by David Buchanan has been brought to life by producer Selina King and the talented team at the Abbey Theatre Club.

Everybody knows the story of poor, downtrodden Cinders, played by Megan Hadden, who supplies plenty of sweetness and innocence to the role.

Rick Ferguson had some good one-liners as the dashing Prince Charming, especially while fending off the advances of the ugly sisters.

The waspish Lady Hardup, given fine airs of noble arrogance by Judith Sanderson, makes a slave of Cinders and reduces Baron Hardup (Alan Johnston) to a comically quivering jelly.

According to my trusty mini-critic, her favourite characters were the ugly sisters, Begonia (Aaron Bain) and Petunia (Gordon Holder), who supplied many of the laughs through a combination of slapstick and tomfoolery.

Cinder’s faithful ally Buttons (Alan Christison) was full of zip and has a great line in working up an audience.

Stewie Malcolm really took to his part as Dandini the royal equerry and played it with gusto as did Lisa-Maria Woods and Heather Osborne, Sandy and Andy, the not so handy handy-men!

Laura Adam was a hoot as the hapless trainee fairy godmother Fairy Foozle and Kelsey MacKenzie and Hannah Graham had a nice comedy turn as Hawaiian islanders Mia and Lida and Jamie Smith should get an honourable mention for his antics in the gorilla suit.

The Abbey Theatre Club should be commended for their continued use of young performers and their junior and senior chorus groups are talented, bursting with enthusiasm and well-drilled thanks to choreographer Shelley Hadden and musical director Carol Bruce.

The juniors were: Taylor Burnett, Hannah Graham, Kelsey MacKenzie and Emma Smith. Seniors were: Deanna Johnston, Zoe Killoh, Hayley Morris, Georgia Ritchie, Laura Ross, Annie Sherry-Moore and Jamie Smith.

The wardrobe department should be pleased with their efforts, all the costumes look top notch, and the ugly sister’s gowns are outrageous and once more the stage crew have worked wonders with the set.

With three more shows to go, tonight (Friday) at 7.30 p.m. and tomorrow at 2.30 and 7.30 p.m., the little ones should be practically begging you to take them along to join in the fun.