Don’t mess with women on the verge

THE HORMONES were running rampant at the Dibble Tree Theatre this week.

Carnoustie Theatre Club, under the direction of George Doherty, presented their hilarious production of ‘Women on the verge of HRT’ by Marie Jones.

It tells the story of two middle-aged Daniel O’Donnell groupies, Anna and Vera, who have travelled to Donegal to see their idol and what happens after the concert.

Vera, played by Carolyn Cheape, is a Belfast divorcee with a mountain of rage, sexual tension and scathing one liners.

Carolyn captures her character perfectly, her facial expressions, tics and passion spot on as she storms through the play in a furious whirlwind.

Audrey Doherty is excellent as Anna, a housewife who appears happy on the surface, but with tension simmering underneath.

Audrey plays Anna with great empathy and when her character finally cracks under the strain of her marriage it is heart-wrenching to watch.

John McSkimming is wonderfully versatile as Fergal the zen-like singing waiter, and his antics are a joy to behold.

Without giving too much away, John really has an opportunity to shine in the second half when events take a supernatural turn.

The actors do well to maintain their Irish accents throughout, including the singing, to which Andy Gilbride and Tommy Horne provide accompaniment on keyboard and fiddle respectively.

The play continues until tomorrow night (Saturday) with tickets available from the Fobel Shop on Park Avenue.